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Let me fill you in on who Frog The Rooster is! Frog is from a little town in East Texas called Atlanta. We raised Frog from a hatchling. He quickly became much different from the other chicks. He was more attentive and had interest in everyday things and everything my daughter did. He "hopped" like a frog more than he walked, hence why we named him Frog . At first we thought Frog was a hen, till he grew older. Then we realized our sweet hen was a rooster! After he learned the routines around the house, he wanted to go everywhere and I mean everywhere. What ever you were doing he wanted to be involved. He saw you get in a vehicle he was getting in with you and going. He started spending a lot of time watching while we built and restored a Mustang. He got extremely excited when he heard it crank up, and was determined to go. With every gear he would cluck and carry on happily. He still loves helping, well supervising the work we should say. When school started, he noticed the school bus. He watched the kids get on and off. He watched for about two days. Third day we noticed he was keeping up with the time and waiting in the front of the house. He would hear the bus and immediately take off to the end of the driveway. He would wait, for both kids, then walk them back, everyday. Some days the kids don't get off fast enough for him so he will get on the bus. Luckily we have a great bus driver who watches out for Frog. He spends his cuddle time with my daughter everyday, and will do anything for her. Frog is a bit of a camera hog, and loves his photo taken, as you can tell.He absoultey loves tomatoes, they are his favorite treat. Frog and Savannah have been featured on numerous TV shows, radio, programs, and internet websites. Frog and Savannah do fundraisers to help locals and organizations around our area. Savannah and Frog both strive to keep people smiling, with all the negative out there these days on the internet. We hope that he brings you joy like he brings us joy! Everyday is a new adventure with Frog, you never know what he has up his little feather sleeves!! He is an amazing little Rooster who has to be in the middle of everything, and we wouldn't have it any other way !
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